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Ankle Sprains and Ligament Sprains Causes and Treatments
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Ankle Sprains and Ligament Sprains Causes and Treatments

Ankle injuries are very common in most sports but some sports are more likely to injure your ankles and Ankle sprains. Sprains and strains occur when the ligaments of your ankle become stretched due to excessive stress, causing a partial or full tear. Common sports activities that can cause your ankle ligaments to be injured include basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, rugby and football.

Ankle Injuries Causes Treatments and Prevention

An ankle sprain is often seen as a minor injury because the ligament does not seem to be fully damaged. The ankle may hurt or feel uncomfortable but there is no bruising or swelling. This is the start of a cycle of getting better and worse until the ligament has completely sprained. A complete sprain usually takes around 2 weeks to heal.

Ankle injuries are usually classified as sports-related or non-sport related. Sports injuries which are directly caused by physical contact with another object are known as sports injuries. They are the direct result of an event happening in a sporting competition. Non-sport related ankle injuries occur from overuse, trauma and repetitive motion and are classified as ankle sprains, ankle fractures, ligament sprains and tendonitis.

Ankle sprains occur when the ligament for a specific joint is torn and this ligament is connected to another part of the foot. There is normally swelling at the site of the injury. When it becomes a sprain the pain will be felt around the site of the sprain but will not extend beyond the ankle. The ligament may begin to retract but this will only happen if the force on the ligament is not released. It may be possible to use ice to decrease the inflammation and reduce the pain before the ligament has completely sprain.

Tendonitis is an example of an indirect sports injury. This type of injury is generally the result of being forced to jump repeatedly. Overuse injuries to the tendons usually occur in athletes who perform the sports with high impact. Repetitive twisting or jumping exercises lead to direct stress to the tendon. Once a tendon is strained or sprain it is very difficult to return to your normal activities and can in fact make you unable to stand for long periods of time. A direct blow to the rear foot can also damage the ankle ligaments.

Ankle fractures are commonly caused by falls in sport where there is a great deal of weight bearing on the foot. They are classified as partial and full fractures depending on how much of the bone is actually broken. Treatments for these types of injuries will depend upon the severity of the sprain and how long the athlete has been injured.

Elbow ligament sprains are a common form of sprain and occur when the force on the ligament is released. This usually happens with defensive baseball players wearing short sleeves. The short sleeves prevent the longer ligament from getting stretched and possibly tearing. There are many different types of elbow ligament sprains but the most common cause is a strain in the outer tendon sheath (also know as the epicondyle).

Diagnosis of these types of sprain usually involves X-rays, MRIs and CT scans to determine the severity of the injury. Treatments will include anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy to strengthen and improve the affected ligament. If an adjustment is needed to be made to the structure of the ankle then this will be done through orthopedic surgery. In severe cases of ligament sprains an ankle cast may be required to immobilize the ankle without restricting any movement.

Plantar fasciitis is also one of the more common forms of ankle injuries that occur in athletic individuals. The word “plantar” refers to the bottom of the foot and “fasciitis” means inflammation. The condition occurs when the fascia, which is a thick layer of tissue between the bones and the toes, is irritated by too much pressure or stress.

It is important for athletes to be aware of their bodies and what could cause it to get hurt. Foot wear, improper shoe lifts and aggressive striking can all lead to Sprains and strains. A ruptured Achilles’ tendon is one of the worst things that can happen to an athlete. When the ligament has become inflamed and torn it takes months and even years for it to heal.

Ankle sprains and ligament sprains are very common and almost anyone can suffer from them. When an athlete is forced to stop and rest while playing because of the injury, it is called a sprain. A strain is something that happens to a muscle or ligament by excessive pushing or pulling. When a bone or ligament is pushed too far it can end up causing injury. If you want to know more about ankle injuries and treatments then visit the site below.

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